and Ethnic Cleansing

by Karyn Becker

Genocide: The deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group.

Ethnic Cleansing: The elimination of an unwanted group from a society, as by genocide or forced migration.

Any discussion of genocide or ethnic cleansing would seem to be straightforward, both in the subject matter itself and in the myriad examples one could bring to mind. As these topics are studied in greater depth, however, the discussion invariably becomes far more complicated. Defined as “the deliberate and systematic destruction of a racial, political, or cultural group,” genocide tends to evoke thoughts of the Holocaust of World War Two–the most egregious and infamous example of the mass killing of people based on their ethnic or religious background. For many people, that is the full extent of what genocide means. Today, however, the word genocide draws upon an even more complex body of history and scholarship, focusing on the motivation of the perpetrators. By narrow definition, genocide can only occur when there is a deliberate attempt to completely destroy all members of a particular group. As such, there are few clearly identifiable examples of genocide.


Violence Report in Arakan

The West Australian:Burma to discuss Rohingya issue

Burma’s military regime has indicated it’s willing to sit down with other countries in the region to discuss the plight of Rohingya asylum seekers.

Australia’s Foreign Minister Stephen Smith says concerned countries raised the issue at a morning meeting on the sidelines of a people smuggling summit in Bali.

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Mizzima:Official investigated in human trafficking scandal

Dhaka (Mizzima) – A ward level Peace and Development Council (PDC) member in Rakhine state is under investigation for allegedly extorting money from Rohingya victims of human trafficking.

Maungdaw District PDC Chairman U Than Tin and local Immigration Department Chief Major Aung Gyi took No. 5 Ward PDC Chairman U Nidalan to their headquarters in Maungdaw Township on March 24th for questioning.  
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Bangkok Post:Kasit asks Burma for cooperation on Rohingya


RANGOON : Thailand has called on the Burmese government to send its embassy staff to help screen those who could be identified as Bengali people in Thailand in an attempt to resolve the Rohingya refugee problem.

Foreign Minister Kasit Piromya said the government had invited the Burmese staff from its embassy in Bangkok, or those who could speak Bengali, to help interview the Rohingya people in Ranong province.

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A regional solution for Rohingyas


MARCH 20 — In January this year, shocking news emerged of the mistreatment by Thai security forces of over a thousand ‘boat people’ travelling from Bangladesh and Burma to Thailand and Malaysia. Most of them were ethnic Rohingyas from Arakan State in Burma.

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Bangkok Post:Burma’s Rohingyas in flight and the solutions to their plight


Much ink has been spilt over the plight of Rohingyas who have sought shelter in the Southeast Asian region in recent months, even though the situation is hardly new.

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Rohingyas – the new ‘boat people’

Marwaan Macan-Markar
It had happened decades ago when Southeast Asia region was gripped by the fallout of the United States’ war in Vietnam. But the ‘boat people’ phenomenon is back, and this time it has to do with Burma’s Muslim Rohingyas fleeing harsh realities at home.

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Just Imagine This!

Dr. Habib Siddiqui

[Author’s note: This paper is based on author’s speech at the PENN HUMAN RIGHTS FORUM on “The Rohingyas of Burma and Bangladesh” on Friday, March 31, 2006 in the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA. The material in this paper came from author’s personal contacts with the Rohingya Diaspora community and information that is available in the reports of various human rights groups, notably the Amnesty International, the Human Rights Watch and the Karen Human Rights Group.]  

Part 1: Nightmare, fiction or a living reality?

Imagine this. You are living in a country that does not recognize you as a citizen in spite of the fact that your forefathers lived there for centuries. If that were not enough of a traumatic experience, consider that other ethnic groups who are fighting the regime for self-determination and human rights consider you as outsiders. It must be your worst kind of nightmare when you realize that half of your people have been forced to take asylum or refuge outside, and you may be the next in line to seek a way out of this living hell.

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Myanmar to cooperate on Rohingya refugee issue

By MERGAWATI ZULFAKAR/from:thestaronlinenews

HUA HIN (Thailand): Myanmar has finally agreed to cooperate with the Asean secretariat for data and information collection as the first step to resolving the Rohingya refugee problem plaguing several Asean members.

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Irrawaddy:Thai PM to Discuss Rohingya in Jakarta


Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva, starting a two-day visit to Jakarta today, said that the issue of Rohingya boat people will be on the agenda when he meets with his Indonesian counterpart, according to Thai media reports.

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Mizzima:European Parliament urges junta to restore citizenship rights to Rohingya


New Delhi (Mizzima) – The European Parliament on Thursday called on Burma’s military rulers to restore citizenship rights to Rohingya Muslim minorities living in Western Burma’s Arakan State, and urged Thailand not to repatriate the Rohingya migrants, who have been arrested for illegally entering the country, as they would face repression at home.
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AP:Muslim group flees Myanmar but faces more woe

comment-Why did Malaysia, Brunei and many
Muslim countries vote against this
UNGA resolution?
They voted against this to protect the criminal SPDC on 24 Dec 2008.
These ASEAN COUNTRIES always shamelessly protect SPDC everywhere.
They refused to accept or help the displaced people from MYANMAR they are partially responsible.

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Islamophobic Thailand’s PM vows to push out the Rohingya boat people without caring that hundreds of them drowned in the ocean

Islamophobic Thailand’s PM vows to push out the Rohingya boat people without caring that hundreds of them drowned in the ocean

COMMENT: ASEAN leaders ignoring to solve the political crisis in Burma which is the root of the illegal Burmese migrants. Islamophobic  Thailand’s PM could tolerate millions of non-Muslim illegal Burmese migrants. including the arms rebels but the Muslim Rohingyas.Various ethnic minority rebels at the border are not only tolerated but supported and encouraged by various Thai authorities as the OFFICIAL secret policy for 200 years.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit instructed the National Security Council (NSC) to study the idea. The center would work with in cooperation with other agencies, including the navy and Marine Police Division. “We have to solve the illegal immigrant problem otherwise it will affect our security, economy and the opportunities of Thai laborers,” he said. “We will push them out of the country.”

Recently, the Thai government has expressed concerns about more and more Rohingya illegal migrants arriving by boat in southern Thailand.

The English-language newspaper, Bangkok Post, reported on Friday that the government is considering whether to set up a coastguard center with a mission to block the influx of illegal immigrants trying to enter the country by boat.

In the meantime, officials said they are waiting to deport 4,880 Rohingya for illegally entering Thailand. Security officials were ordered to boost efforts to track down human traffickers helping illegal migrants.

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