Renaissance of the Aung San’s speeches (English)

Renaissance of the Aung San’s speeches

 We decided to reprint our beloved Daw Aung San Suu Kyi’s father, General Aung San’s speeches because even the sight in written words or the voice of uttering his name “Aung San” bring back the tender memories in most of our Burmese hearts and minds and could remind us his farsighted, wise politically correct ideas and awakens the political consciousness. Although he died young; his thoughts, beliefs and advises were far advanced and even better than most of the Burmese leaders and Military Junta Generals.

People remember what he stood for: honesty and hard work, unity and discipline, and such homely virtues they talk of these as the ‘Aung San way’, the way they must, or should try to follow.

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8888 Uprising song (Burmese)

8888 Uprising song (Burmese)