ENP: Zimbabwe’s Robert Than Shwe – Demigod to DESPOT

ENP: Robert Mugabe – Demigod to DESPOT

Demigod to DESPOT
With political murders and Inflation in his corrupt country at 100,000%,
Zimbabwe’s once-revered independence fighter is now feared

By Neville Stack July 01, 2008

A TRAGIC failure.

This is how Robert Mugabe’s leadership has been described by Nelson Mandela.

The world’s most reviled leader, however, rejects the indictment by one of its most revered statesmen.

So where did Mr Mugabe go wrong? After all, he was once a darling of the West.

When the young Mugabe became a prospective leader of Southern Rhodesia, the British smiled because he was a product of the British higher-education system.

But now the British have stripped Mr Mugabe of the knighthood that was conferred on him in 1994.

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