Treat all migrants equally Mr Home Minister

No quick solution for illegals in Sabah, says Syed Hamid


Dear Home Minister. TQ for the talk of equal treatment for all the migrants. But most of us suspect that there is no political will or courage to solve the East Malaysia migrant problem but for all the Malaysian authorities, doing any thing to the Burmese (all races and religious groups) is so easy without any backlash or consequences. We suspect that you just made a sweet talk as an excuse for the inaction on those migrants there. But once you said about the equal treatment, we hope that as a Muslim and the high ranking Government Minister, you would keep you promise. In Burmese the promise of the king (read authority) is a vow or word of honour!

We could let it as by gone be by gone but please kindly treat our migrants exactly like those migrants in east Malaysia.

According to your Deputy Prime Minister, which is reported in the front page of local newspapers, those illegal migrant children would be granted citizenship. Is Malaysian government willing to extend this offer to Burmese Migrants?

The local newspaper front-page reported photograph of a school, one of THREE THOUSAND schools for Indonesian Illegal Migrants. Why Burmese legal and illegal migrants are even not allowed to attend Government schools. They are even willing to pay extra school fees.

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BBC Hard Talk with Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar

BBC Hard Talk with Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar

BBC Hard Talk before becoming an Anti_Foreigner Minister

Dato Seri Syed Hamid AlbarIn a HardTalk programme first broadcast on Thursday 13 September 2007, Sarah Montague talks to Malaysian Foreign Minister Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar.


Malaysia has just marked fifty years of independence, and there’s much to celebrate.

Living standards have improved immeasurably over the past five decades, illiteracy has been virtually eradicated and the economy is doing well.

But do Indian and Chinese Malaysians have as much to celebrate as the Malay population?

Sarah Montague talks to Dato Seri Syed Hamid Albar about whether the law giving preferential treatment to Malay and other indigenous groups is now outdated.


HARDtalk can be seen on BBC World at 03:30h GMT (not Asia), 08:30h GMT, 14:30h GMT, 20:30h GMT, 23:30h GMT (not Asia)

It can also be seen on BBC News 24 at 0430 and 2330.

Applying for Malaysian citizenship

Applying for Malaysian citizenship

Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar 

Please read his interpretation of_” WE RULE BY OUR LAW,” first and my comments later. 

PUTRAJAYA: Some of the 200,000 foreign workers who overstayed for up to 30 years have applied for permanent residence status and citizenship even though they are not qualified. (OK)

“One does not acquire any right to PR or citizenship just by working in the country. (OK)

“A guest worker in this country is a guest worker,” said Home Affairs Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar. (OK)

He said the rule was for unskilled workers to work for a maximum of five years while skilled workers could work for 10 years in Malaysia. (May be OK?)

Unlike some countries, he said, Malaysia did not offer PR or citizenship to people even though they have invested millions of ringgit in the country. (OK , we all know that invest only could not earn a citizenship:)

There are now some 1.2 million foreign workers in Malaysia.

(Legal = already paid the levies and middle-men:)

(Illegals should be punished together with their Malaysian bosses + Political powers who pushed out them from the country of origin or pulled them)

(What about refugees? Political, Religious and Economic refugees from Burma, Sorry , you used to call Myanmar! ASEAN leaders are also responsible for their exodus because they shielded and Protected the SPDC Junta so that they could continue to exploit Myanmar)

Syed Hamid, who took over the portfolio recently, said his priority would be to tackle the issue of illegal foreign workers, including those who overstayed.

(Now with the stroke of luck you need to listen to the Sabah leaders and give priority there!)

(But Your Honour would be wrong if dumped political migrants as illegals. Your Honour  has the moral responsibility to look after the so called economic migrants  or who migrated because of bad economy as a result of SPDC Military Junta continued mismanagement. Because ASEAN and Malaysia must accept that if they continue to  shield, protect and support the Myanmar Military Government for their own interests, they should take responsibility for these people also. Burmese people’s sufferings are prolonged because of ASEAN.)

Another problem on the ministry’s priority list is the visa-on-arrival facility that saw about 60,000 tourists overstaying since the visa was introduced last year. (OK)

Yet another problem to be “revisited” is the licences issued to some 300 out-sourcing companies to bring in foreign workers. (Dare to ask? How ? When? Why? they got the licences)

Syed Hamid said the way the licences were used led to numerous cases of foreigners being stranded in the country without jobs and proper accommodation despite having paid agency fees.

He also said he would be tabling for second reading the Special Complaints Commission Bill, to act on complaints of misconduct by enforcement agents, in the next Parliament session?

My comments 

So Blue ICs  are given to whom, other than spouses of Malaysians ? 

Could you give the break down of Indonesians’ profession or work or status at the time of approval. Sure you will hide behind OSA. Then it would be the proof of lack of transparency or unfairness on our Myanmar Muslims.

But I am 100% sure we Burmese (sorry you YB prefer to call Myanmar) Muslims, even the professionals are unfairly discriminated here.

Because YB Minister was an ex-FM you may be brainwashed by the generals you may wish to say no but I am sure you may not dare to deny the followings on the HOLY BOOK OF QURAN_

  • Mosques damaged by agent provocateurs are not allowed to rebuild in Myanmar.
  • Old Mosques ruined because of natural cause are not allowed to rebuild in Myanmar.
  • Many mosques are destroyed by the local military officers and Muslims were even forced to give free labour to build pagodas, monasteries, army camps or new settlements for the all expenses paid Myanmar Buddhists migrants into the Muslim dominant area.

When the democratic Western countries pushed Burma, you all ASEAN countries protect the Myanmar Generals and ASEAN leader from this country was the one who persuaded all the remaining ASEAN leaders to let off SPDC from the hook. It was cleverly trapped on record by witty Singaporeans.

We could understand that Petronas alone has more than 4 billion investment there and we agree that you all are right because it is important for your country’s economy.

We could understand and do not wish to blame because you all could not or dare not protest about the Muslims in Myanmar.

But we could not understand when you could not even allow those effected Myanmar Muslims migrated here to just allow to work here or study here easily. We are not asking even a cent from you but are even willing to pay the required fees.

Why it is very difficult for even Myanmar Muslim Professionals to get Red or Blue ICs but there are a lot of Indonesians, Pilipino and Thai Muslims holding various ICs and many Indons had even served in various very high government posts, MBs Ministers and even Secretary Generals of the ruling parties? We agree with you for accepting those brillient great people but what about the toilet cleaners, odd job workers, hawkers easily getting the approvals?

The whole world could see how cold bloodedly the SPDC soldiers had shot and killed the Japanese journalist and dare to assault and killed the revered monks.

Just read my other relevant articles about Muslims in Myanmar. Or just ask Datin Seri Wan Aziza or Tun Mahathier. (You could read some of their comments in their interview with me.)

Or you could ask your Law Minister YB Datuk Zaid Ibrahim or YB Taressa Kok or YB Elizabeth Wong or even your PM’s son-in-law YB KJ, who protested infront of Myanmar Embassy. Your old Law Minister Datuk Nazari Aziz had also protested infront of Burmese Embassy as the UMNO Youth leader. (Please don’t angry, for using Burma as that was the name of Myanmar at that time)

If Your Honour, Home ministry and government just wish to punish me, blacklist me, so be it. That is my fate.

I hope and believe that I could get the reward back from Allah later. After all if we don’t tell you, who will inform you and your boss, YAB Datuk Seri AAB. YAB promised to listen and your new Imformation Minister was said to be willing to read the blogs and internet.

Dear YB Datuk Seri Home Minister. Is is time to change your outdated laws formalysed during the merdeka days. The world is already changed and globalized. If you resist to change the people will start to abandon you.

If there is truth in the RULE OF THAT CITIZENSHIP LAW (read Rule of Law) it is OK for you to proudly announce it. But as that LAW was believed to be used (read Rule by Law) to shut out others and just to open the back door to the Indonesians you should not proudly follow that law but should try to amend it.

Please read my article_

The worst National Registration Department in the world