Reuters:Taiwan, challenging China, to let Dalai Lama visit

Taiwan, which turned away the Dalai Lama last year on fears of upsetting China, has approved a visit by the Tibetan spiritual leader next week to comfort victims of a deadly typhoon, the government said today.

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Re-strategising democracy promotion in China

James Gomez | Aug 19, 08 11:27am


The different China-related democracy issues need to be integrated through a broad overarching theme and coordinated from closer in Asia. This was the latent international strategy that emerged from the 3rd International Conference on Global Support for Democratisation in China and Asia (GSDCA) which was held on Aug 4 and 5, 2008 in Japan.

The GSDCA brought together some 100 China pro-democracy activists from across the world, literally on the eve of the 2008 Beijing Olympics, for a two day meeting in Tokyo. The conference, the third in a series, hosted participants from Asian autocratic nations, as well as dignitaries, experts, and scholars from all over the globe, including Europe, North America, and Asia-Pacific.

Internationalised China-related democracy issues

Presently internationalised China-related democracy issues are a range of disparate elements that fall into three broad categories. The first address issues of territorial sovereignty, autonomy and self-determination. They include chief-executive elections in Hong Kong, autonomy for Inner Mongolia and Xinjiang (Eastern Turkestan), self-government for Tibet and independence for Taiwan.

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Taiwanese fans used Myanmar flag to trick Chinese Communists at Olympics

Chinese Cultural Revolution-Introduction
        Myanmar Flag                     Taiwan Flag
Taiwan flag (with clipping path ...
      Myanmar Flag                 Taiwan Flag
TAIPEI, Taiwan (AP) — A Taiwanese newspaper says fans are preparing to skirt a Chinese ban on displaying the Taiwan flag at the Olympics by waving the Myanmar flag instead.

Don’t forget cyclone victims in Myanmar, pleads foundation

Don’t forget cyclone victims in Myanmar, pleads foundation

The Star Online

KUALA LUMPUR: Victims of the cyclone in Myanmar are in dire need of humanitarian aid, and Malaysians have been asked not to forget about them when making donations.

Lee Mun Keat, 48, an administrative officer attached to the Kuala Lumpur branch of the Buddhist Tzu-Chi Merits Society Malaysia, said there was a lot of attention now on the victims of the China earthquake.

“Victims from both countries need help,” said Lee, who returned from Myanmar a few days ago.

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