Irrawaddy:Rohingya Migrants Taken to Thai Court


RANONG — A group of 62 barefoot, disheveled Rohingya migrants facing illegal entry charges in a Thai court Wednesday pleaded not to be sent back to Burma where they said they were beaten, whipped and warned not to return by soldiers.

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AP:More Rohingya reach Thailand, claim attacked by Myanmar navy

BANGKOK, Thailand – The Thai navy has detained a boat filled with 78 illegal migrants, many of whom had lacerations and burns they said were inflicted by Myanmar soldiers, authorities said Tuesday.

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Irrawaddy:Junta Promises to Address Rohingya Exodus


Burma’s No 2 leader, Vice Snr-Gen Maung Aye, has promised the Thai military supreme commander during an official visit to Burma that authorities will try to stem the flow of Rohingya refugees who try to reach neighboring countries illegally, according to the Thai News Agency (TNA).

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Exclusive Rohingya Rescue

Al Jazeera:Thai admits Rohingya set adrift

 Thai naval officer has confirmed claims that ethnic Rohingya boat people from Myanmar, detained along Thailand’s south-western coast, have been taken back out to sea and set adrift.

The naval officer, who declined to be identified, told Al Jazeera: “We have to take the engines off the boats or they will come back.

“The wind will carry them to India or somewhere.”

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Islamophobic Thailand’s PM vows to push out the Rohingya boat people without caring that hundreds of them drowned in the ocean

Islamophobic Thailand’s PM vows to push out the Rohingya boat people without caring that hundreds of them drowned in the ocean

COMMENT: ASEAN leaders ignoring to solve the political crisis in Burma which is the root of the illegal Burmese migrants. Islamophobic  Thailand’s PM could tolerate millions of non-Muslim illegal Burmese migrants. including the arms rebels but the Muslim Rohingyas.Various ethnic minority rebels at the border are not only tolerated but supported and encouraged by various Thai authorities as the OFFICIAL secret policy for 200 years.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit instructed the National Security Council (NSC) to study the idea. The center would work with in cooperation with other agencies, including the navy and Marine Police Division. “We have to solve the illegal immigrant problem otherwise it will affect our security, economy and the opportunities of Thai laborers,” he said. “We will push them out of the country.”

Recently, the Thai government has expressed concerns about more and more Rohingya illegal migrants arriving by boat in southern Thailand.

The English-language newspaper, Bangkok Post, reported on Friday that the government is considering whether to set up a coastguard center with a mission to block the influx of illegal immigrants trying to enter the country by boat.

In the meantime, officials said they are waiting to deport 4,880 Rohingya for illegally entering Thailand. Security officials were ordered to boost efforts to track down human traffickers helping illegal migrants.

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Migrant Crackdown Won’t Solve Problem: Rights Groups



The Thai government’s vow to crackdown on illegal migrants will not solve the country’s migrant problems, say human rights groups.

Jackie Pollock, a founding member of the Chiang Mai-based Migrant Assistance Program (MAP), said, “A crackdown is not a good solution. It’s just making migrants’ lives more risky. The best solution is to offer new registration and let them come out and stay legally.”

Thai Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva said on Thursday the government would crackdown on illegal migrants, while commenting on allegations that the Thai navy has mistreated Rohingya boat people by forcing them back out to sea.

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