Thailand announces breakthrough in HIV vaccine

BANGKOK, Sept 24 – Thailand announced on Thursday a breakthrough in the HIV vaccine development – the first time ever that there is evidence that HIV vaccine has preventive efficacy.

“It is found that the vaccine has 31.2 per cent efficacy in reducing the risk of HIV infection,” Thai Public Health Minister Withaya Kaewparadai told a press conference in capital Bangkok, reports Xinhua news agency.


BBC:US piles pressure on Burma regime

US officials have had a rare meeting with representatives of Burma’s regime.

Unnamed officials told reporters that efforts to improve ties depended partly on the outcome of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial.

The US also pressed Burma to enforce a United Nations resolution imposing an arms embargo on North Korea.

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Asian summit cancelled after venue stormed


Thai protesters storm Asean summit in Pattaya, Thailand

Thousands of Thai anti-government protesters smashed their way into a summit of Asian leaders, forcing the country’s embattled government to postpone the entire meeting indefinitely.

Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency in the resort of Pattaya after chaos erupted at the summit, which was supposed to discuss the global financial crisis and North Korea’s rocket launch.

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Thai protesters beseige Asian summit


Thai protesters pushed through security to rally at a summit of Asian leaders Friday, forcing their campaign to topple Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva into the international spotlight.

Thai police vowed to use “all means necessary” to clear the hundreds of protesters away from the beach resort hotel where the leaders of China, Japan, and 14 other nations were to gather for the three-day meeting.

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CNN:Men held after British skipper murdered on yacht

CNN) — Thai police have arrested three migrant Burmese workers after a British yacht skipper was allegedly murdered by having his throat slit and being thrown overboard, according to media reports.

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A regional solution for Rohingyas


MARCH 20 — In January this year, shocking news emerged of the mistreatment by Thai security forces of over a thousand ‘boat people’ travelling from Bangladesh and Burma to Thailand and Malaysia. Most of them were ethnic Rohingyas from Arakan State in Burma.

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Rohingyas – the new ‘boat people’

Marwaan Macan-Markar
It had happened decades ago when Southeast Asia region was gripped by the fallout of the United States’ war in Vietnam. But the ‘boat people’ phenomenon is back, and this time it has to do with Burma’s Muslim Rohingyas fleeing harsh realities at home.

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