Thailand announces breakthrough in HIV vaccine

BANGKOK, Sept 24 – Thailand announced on Thursday a breakthrough in the HIV vaccine development – the first time ever that there is evidence that HIV vaccine has preventive efficacy.

“It is found that the vaccine has 31.2 per cent efficacy in reducing the risk of HIV infection,” Thai Public Health Minister Withaya Kaewparadai told a press conference in capital Bangkok, reports Xinhua news agency.


BBC:US piles pressure on Burma regime

US officials have had a rare meeting with representatives of Burma’s regime.

Unnamed officials told reporters that efforts to improve ties depended partly on the outcome of democracy leader Aung San Suu Kyi’s trial.

The US also pressed Burma to enforce a United Nations resolution imposing an arms embargo on North Korea.

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Asian summit cancelled after venue stormed


Thai protesters storm Asean summit in Pattaya, Thailand

Thousands of Thai anti-government protesters smashed their way into a summit of Asian leaders, forcing the country’s embattled government to postpone the entire meeting indefinitely.

Premier Abhisit Vejjajiva declared a state of emergency in the resort of Pattaya after chaos erupted at the summit, which was supposed to discuss the global financial crisis and North Korea’s rocket launch.

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Thai protesters beseige Asian summit


Thai protesters pushed through security to rally at a summit of Asian leaders Friday, forcing their campaign to topple Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva into the international spotlight.

Thai police vowed to use “all means necessary” to clear the hundreds of protesters away from the beach resort hotel where the leaders of China, Japan, and 14 other nations were to gather for the three-day meeting.

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CNN:Men held after British skipper murdered on yacht

CNN) — Thai police have arrested three migrant Burmese workers after a British yacht skipper was allegedly murdered by having his throat slit and being thrown overboard, according to media reports.

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A regional solution for Rohingyas


MARCH 20 — In January this year, shocking news emerged of the mistreatment by Thai security forces of over a thousand ‘boat people’ travelling from Bangladesh and Burma to Thailand and Malaysia. Most of them were ethnic Rohingyas from Arakan State in Burma.

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Rohingyas – the new ‘boat people’

Marwaan Macan-Markar
It had happened decades ago when Southeast Asia region was gripped by the fallout of the United States’ war in Vietnam. But the ‘boat people’ phenomenon is back, and this time it has to do with Burma’s Muslim Rohingyas fleeing harsh realities at home.

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Myanmar government planning for another episode of Anti-Muslim riots

Myanmar government

planning for another episode

of Anti-Muslim riots  


Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -Voltaire

Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities. -Voltaire


Anti-Muslim Riots in Bago/Pegu

Anti-Muslim Riots in Bago/Pegu





Dear Brother,

I hope you can share the following news which is the part of a deliberate plan of the Military Junta of Burma to use its long term policy of using religious hatred to create the political environment that may benefit the Military Junta of Burma to stay in Power Forever.
Please prevent hatred against any race or religion and create the unity and harmony among all the races and religions of the people of Burma.

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Al Jazeera:Rohingya migrants claim Thai abuses

Islamophobic Thailand’s PM vows to push out the Rohingya boat people without caring that hundreds of them drowned in the ocean

Islamophobic Thailand’s PM vows to push out the Rohingya boat people without caring that hundreds of them drowned in the ocean

COMMENT: ASEAN leaders ignoring to solve the political crisis in Burma which is the root of the illegal Burmese migrants. Islamophobic  Thailand’s PM could tolerate millions of non-Muslim illegal Burmese migrants. including the arms rebels but the Muslim Rohingyas.Various ethnic minority rebels at the border are not only tolerated but supported and encouraged by various Thai authorities as the OFFICIAL secret policy for 200 years.

Thailand’s Prime Minister Abhisit instructed the National Security Council (NSC) to study the idea. The center would work with in cooperation with other agencies, including the navy and Marine Police Division. “We have to solve the illegal immigrant problem otherwise it will affect our security, economy and the opportunities of Thai laborers,” he said. “We will push them out of the country.”

Recently, the Thai government has expressed concerns about more and more Rohingya illegal migrants arriving by boat in southern Thailand.

The English-language newspaper, Bangkok Post, reported on Friday that the government is considering whether to set up a coastguard center with a mission to block the influx of illegal immigrants trying to enter the country by boat.

In the meantime, officials said they are waiting to deport 4,880 Rohingya for illegally entering Thailand. Security officials were ordered to boost efforts to track down human traffickers helping illegal migrants.

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South Africa accuses Israel Navy of killing hundreds of Palestinian boat people from Gaza

South Africa accuses Israel Navy of killing hundreds of Palestinian boat people from Gaza

WARNING: Readers must read the lower part of this news/article to understand the truth. Those reading the upper part only and failed to continue could be mislead or miss the real message.

Cape town, South Africa(AFP) — South Africa said Sunday that hundreds of people were missing at sea, believed to be part of a wave of Palestinian  boat people from Gaza were allegedly dragged out to the middle of the ocean by Israel Navy and left to die.
Israel has denied the accusations, but accounts of survivors and the latest reports from the South Africa coast guard have piled the pressure on Tel-Avid, and the Israel government said it would meet rights groups on Monday.

The Israel navy is accused of detaining the migrants, Palestinian  boat people from Gaza, after they washed up on the Israel coast — and then towing them to sea and leaving them to their fate.

South Africa’s coast guard said Sunday it had rescued hundreds of the refugees from the Palestinian, Gaza, but that hundreds more were feared lost. 

“These are really serious allegations that need to be investigated by the UN and the Israel government,” he said…………………

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Irrawaddy:Thailand Urged to Stop Pushing Refugees Out to Sea


A refugee rights organization has called on the Thai government to stop stranding Rohingya boat people from western Burma’s Arakan State at sea after apprehending them for illegally entering Thailand.

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Responsible Thai generals must be punished for torturing and killing of Imam

Responsible Thai generals must be punished

for torturing and killing of Imam

BANGKOK, Jan 11 – The death of an imam while in army custody last year will present Thailand’s new government with its first test of whether it can deliver justice in the country’s troubled southern provinces.


On Christmas Day, a court in Narathiwat ruled that 56-year-old imam Yapa Kaseng was tortured and killed while being interrogated by soldiers in March.

The body of the Muslim community leader bore evidence of blunt force trauma, including rib fractures. His lungs were punctured, and his body was covered with bruises, and had abrasions on the back.

The death of the imam has gone down as a landmark abuse case. Rarely has anyone been held accountable for deaths in custody a long-held complaint of locals as well as non-governmental organisations and watchdog groups like the New York-based Human Rights Watch (HRW).

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The Association of Religious Scholars (PUM) should acknowledge that at least Malaysiakini and Manjit Bhatia wrote one truth about Myanmar

The Association of Religious Scholars (PUM)

should acknowledge that at least 

Malaysiakini and Manjit Bhatia wrote one truth about Myanmar

It didn’t even dare condemn the Burmese military thugs who rule Burma, whose justice is meted out in the Stalinist/Maoist standard of the end of gun’s barrel.

Just look at how much braver Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand and Philippines are when compare to M’sia at UNGA voting on 24-12-2008.

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