Caliph Umar

Caliph Umar

Umar’s Reign as a caliph

During Umar’s reign, the Islamic empire grew at an unprecedented rate, taking Mesopotamiaand parts of Persia from the Sassanids (effectively ending that empire), and taking Egypt,PalestineSyriaNorth Africa and Armenia from the Byzantines. Many of these conquests followed major battles on both the western and eastern fronts. The Battle of Yarmūk, fought near Damascus in 636, saw a small Muslim army defeat a much larger Byzantine force, permanently ending Byzantine rule south of Asia Minor [Citation needed]. A Muslim army achieved victory over a force in the Battle of al-Qādisiyyah (c. 636), near the banks of theEuphrates River. During the course of the battle, Muslim general Sa’ad bin Abu Waqqasrouted the Sassanid army and killed the Persian general Rostam Farrokhzād.

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