FREE TIBET: Boycott Olympic Games in Beijing 2008

Tibet The Story Of A Tragedy

Part 2 – Olympic Games China Burma Tibet Darfur…in Chains

Part 2 – Olympic Games China Burma Tibet Darfur…in Chains

Olympic Games China Burma Tibet Darfur…in Chains. Video Part 1 –

Olympic Games China Burma Tibet Darfur…in Chains. Video Part 1

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Letter to Hu Jintao

Mr. President

Let me take you on a mental journey, if you dare.

Instead of being a member of the ruling, and by numbers, the overwhelmingly largest and domineering creed, imagine now that you are a member of a society, race and country that is uniquely distinct and different from all the surrounding peoples and countries, and which is just a small minority, overwhelmed by your own creed.

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Tibet like Burma

Tibet like Burma: the same abuse of power, the same suppression of human, civil and religious rights. In Tibet as well as in Burma mass protests have been led by Buddhist monks melting the religious and political parts of the society asking for a different regime. Records of 1988 demonstrations in Tibet show violence everywhere, beating ups, blood, police beating monks savagely and dragging them from their monasteries.

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As Olympics Approach, Oppressive Grip Tightens


By Ally Wang, Mimi Li, and Shaoshao Chen

Jul 09,2008

NEW YORK—In less than 30 days, Beijing will kick off its opening ceremonies for the 2008 Olympics. While China prepares for its appearance on the world’s center stage, the Tibetans, Uighurs, Falun Gong practitioners, and political dissidents of China will undoubtedly suffer 30 days of persecution and oppression.

These groups who are denied rights by the Chinese regime cannot have their voices heard in China. But here in America, where freedom of speech is not muffled, protests and calls for human rights have strengthened recently as the start of Beijing ’08 draws closer.

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