Why Brown and Cameron are silent on the coming war with Iran

LONDON, Jan 9 — Only when Tony Blair popped up on the airwaves did it become clear just how different it is this time. Israel is again at war — yet, unlike 2006 there are no MPs clamouring for Parliament to be recalled. There is no Prime Minister who regards himself as a peacemaker offering his opinion to the world.

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Is There A Statesman like Tony Blair in Myanmar?

Is There A Statesman like Tony Blair in Myanmar?

Adapted from Mr Malik Imtiaz Sarwar’s Disquiet article

Last Friday former British Prime Minister Tony Blair delivered the 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Law Lecture. He spoke, to the chagrin of some, on the Rule of Law and its continuing relevance in an increasingly challenging world. The gist of his lecture was credibly reported in the media and no useful purpose would be served by my summarizing it here. Suffice it to say that Mr Blair presented the key aspects of the subject winningly and, at times, poignantly, lending important validation to what it is civil society has been saying for more than two decades now: an independent and competent justice system is crucial to democracy and the sustainable growth of a nation.

After the lecture, I overheard some members of the audience ask whether they could imagine the Senior General or the Prime Minister or the Foreign Minister or any other member of the SPDC delivering a lecture of that caliber. Sadly, the laughter the question generated was answer enough. But according to Tan Sri Razali Ismail our Daw Aung San Suu Kyi would be able to deliver a lecture with same calibre.
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The war criminal B-lair, practicing to become a chameleon

Hypocrite B-lair practicing to become a chameleon

Malaysiakini news


tony blair

Blair has been heavily criticised for forming the USA-British coalition force which attacked Iraq that prompted terror groups to unleash their terror attacks in Western soil.

Former premier Dr Mahathir Mohamad who founded the Perdana Global Peace Organisation (Perdana) had condemned the government’s decision to allow Blair to speak at a local university.

“Blair cannot be regarded as anything but a war criminal,”
he said two days ago.


Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair views Malaysia as “having a very good example of interfaith cooperation” in the midst of all the tension in this part of the world.

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Blair: Rule of law is paramount

Blair: Rule of law is paramount

By SHAILA KOSHY in Malaysia Star Online

Comment: Mr B-Liar, what rule of law you are talking? UNSC Rule or in other words, International law did not allow you and Bu(ll)sh(it) to invade Iraq but two of you ILLEGALLY INVADE Iraq with the FALSE ACCUSATION of WMD which is proved to be wrong.

TWO of you unsuccessfully tried to RULE BY YOUR anti terror LAWS on Muslims. Don’t be a hypocrite.

 LUMPUR: The rule of law is more important than ever before in today’s world of shifting economics and social forces, said former British Prime Minister Tony Blair.

He said the rise of China and India, the throwing into chaos of traditional ideas about political power residing in the West, Sovereign Wealth Funds and the development of new business sectors implied adapt or get left behind. However, he argued that the rule of law has gained a more important place.

Blair said this yesterday when speaking on “Upholding the Rule of Law: A Reflection” at the 22nd Sultan Azlan Shah Law Lecture at a hotel here. The ballroom was filled to capacity.

He said his perception of the rule of law changed from when he was a lawyer to when he became Prime Minister and was involved in “designing” laws.

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