The real Uighur story — Rebiya Kadeer

JULY 8 — When the Chinese government, with the comfort of hindsight, looks back on its handling of the unrest in Urumqi and East Turkestan this week, it will most likely tell the world with great satisfaction that it acted in the interests of maintaining stability.

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Judge orders release of Chinese Muslims from Gitmo

WASHINGTON, Oct 8 – A federal judge ordered the Bush administration Tuesday to free immediately 17 Chinese Muslims from Guantanamo Bay into the United States, a dramatic ruling that could set the course for releasing dozens of other prisoners from the US naval facility in Cuba.

The Bush administration criticized the decision as a threat to national security and quickly moved to block the decision in federal appeals court. “Today’s ruling presents serious national security and separation of powers concerns and raises unprecedented legal issues,” said Justice Department spokesman Brian Roehrkasse.

In a stern rebuke of the government, US District Judge Ricardo M. Urbina said it would be wrong to continue holding the detainees since they no longer are considered enemy combatants. Members of the ethnic group known as Uighurs, the men have been in custody for almost seven years.

Over the objections of government lawyers who continued to cast the Uighurs as possible terror threats, Urbina ordered them to be released, in Washington, by Friday. It was the first court-ordered release of Guantanamo detainees since the prison camp opened in 2002.

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Pop politics at its best

Manjit Bhatia

Aug 25,08

from Malayisakini

From my hotel room window, China’s new national Olympics stadium is shrouded in a thick, gray mist. Visibility is approaching near hopelessness. Mr Magoo would’ve had no chance. Only it isn’t mist.


It’s smog. Pollution. The air outside, from which I had just escaped for the sanctuary of my hotel room, is thicker. The humidity is staggering. In the last few days more and more Beijingers began to wear facemasks, but many more braved the ‘mist’.

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China ‘ crushing Uighurs ‘ ( Rebiya Kadeer )

Letter to Hu Jintao

Mr. President

Let me take you on a mental journey, if you dare.

Instead of being a member of the ruling, and by numbers, the overwhelmingly largest and domineering creed, imagine now that you are a member of a society, race and country that is uniquely distinct and different from all the surrounding peoples and countries, and which is just a small minority, overwhelmed by your own creed.

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