Rohingya Genocide

Source_The Reflective Heart : Rohingya Genocide , Thoughts and Spiritual Scribblings by Azril Mohd Amin

Among the unjust borders that the western powers drew after World Wars I and II, the border between Arakan and South Thailand is among the cruelest. The Muslims of Rohingnya were cut off from the Malay Muslims of South Thailand, as well as the Muslims of Malaysia and Bangladesh

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A Burmese Hero – U Thant

Malaysia’s permanent representative to the UN, Hypocrite Encik Hamidon Ali

Malaysia’s permanent representative

to the UN, Hypocrite Encik  Hamidon Ali 

HYPOCRITE!!!! How did you support Myanmar SPDC on 24.12.2008 at UNGA?


How many Burmese Muslims need to die? 

How many Mosques must be destroyed again?

How many Quorans need to be burnt again by SPDC?

Your FM taught us to call the Ambassador Encik w/o using HE.

If any BURMESE MUSLIMS OR ROHINGYAS given asylum by Christian COUNTRIES throw shoes at you, we should repeat as your FM had said, YOU DESERVE IT, Hypocrite Encik  Hamidon Ali !

NEW YORK: Malaysia has berated United Nations member countries which have stood silent over the Israeli assault on Gaza.

“How could any other states condone this action?” Malaysia’s permanent representative to the UN Datuk Hamidon Ali said at Wednesday’s Security Council open debate on the Middle East situation.

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33 countries face possible genocide, says report

By Steven Edwards

UNITED NATIONS – Genocide and other mass atrocities are underway or risk breaking out in at least 33 countries, says a new comprehensive watch list slated for release Tuesday – the 60th anniversary of the United Nations prevention of genocide convention.

As reports indicate UN peacekeeping efforts are in crisis amid dwindling contributions of both cash and well-trained forces, the authors of the new study call for an international focus on genocide prevention in countries they’ve identified.

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The only winner in Beijing will be tyranny

Pick any dictatorship at random and chances are you’ll find China lurking in the background

At the opening ceremony of the 2008 Olympics, spectators will watch as athletes from the worst regimes on the planet parade by. Whether they are from dictatorships of the left or right, secular or theocratic, they will have one thing in common: the hosts of the games that, according to the mission statement, are striving ‘for a bright future for mankind’ will support their oppressors.

The flag of Sudan will flutter. China supplied the weapons that massacred so many in Darfur. As further sweeteners, it added interest-free loans for a new presidential palace and vetoes of mild condemnations of genocide from the United Nations. In return, China got most of Sudan’s oil.

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Universal Degeneration of Human Rights (UDHR)

Universal Degeneration of Human Rights (UDHR)

Injustice, inequality and impunity

Extracts from K Shan | Jun 2,08, in Malaysiakini

Sixty years after the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was adopted by the United Nations, people are still being_

  • tortured
  • and ill-treated in at least 81 countries,
  • face unfair trials in at least 54 countries
  • and are not allowed to speak freely in at least 77 countries.

burma yangon massive anti junta protest 250907 monksThese details from the Amnesty International report on 2007 also under the unfortunate fact that injustice, inequality and impunity have become the hallmark of governments today.

Six years into the so-called ‘war on terror’, the US continues to hold hundreds of people in indefinite military detention without charge or trial in Afghanistan and Guantánamo Bay, in addition to the thousands held in Iraq.

In August, large-scale protests began in Myanmar against the government’s economic and political policies. At least 31 people – but likely, more than 100 – were killed in the subsequent crackdown by the authorities. A similar number was thought to be the victims of enforced disappearance.

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