In Memory of PUMPKIN and ANGEL




In Memory of


I still have a clear photograph

In my grieving heart

Of the two of you 

I have cried for many relatives and friends

Even for the great persons I never met

But never for any creatures other than human 

Why?  Why? Why?

Two of you make me CRY? 

I have treated many patients

Referred many of them to relevant doctors

But you were the only creatures I sent to other doctors 

I have seen many pets

That loved me

Came near me

Played with me

Asked food from me

Respond enthusiastically to my calls

But you two were different from them

But I don’t know why, why, why?

Two of you make me CRY?

I don’t know where two of you are now

We see your bodies that left behind

But we hope your spirits are freed to fly

May be in the heaven

I hope you two joined your family of nine

Who are waiting there for their last two left behind

I wonder why veterinary doctors could not find

medicine to cure your family’s Feline diseases