Kachins’ struggle for survival nipped in the bud

Written by Hkahku Gam

Wednesday, 10 September 2008 12:33

Burma, a golden land has projected its dignity in terms of civil roles in un-erased memories down through half a century since independence. Moreover there have been a lot of disloyalties through centralized manipulation of state sovereignty by its bureaucrats through implementation of military might.

On the one hand there is no single myth, so to say, that the core norm of the federal principle of Panglong had been initiated in terms of establishing the Union of Burma. Rather there has been political euthanasia towards its own citizens, especially on the ethnic population who have been singled out in the formation of a Burmese Buddha monarchical anarchy.  


Paradoxically there have been fights between Burmese monarchical politics on the one side by a handful of bureaucrats and the federal principles on the other by citizens. Being a bipolar State it has been a prolonged fight for over five decades that has ended under the trap of the regime without any change in the state. There has been alienation of human rights, devaluation of federal principles, and humiliation by the military, violation of humanity, ethnic cleansing programmes with drug, immorality and sexual harassment of the ethnics. Now is the time to fight the evil.

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