M Kini letter: GST will be precursor to hyperinflation

M Kini letter: GST will be precursor to hyperinflation

I refer to the letter GST will allow Umnoputras more ‘Disneyland’ trips.

The writer’s opinion of the deleterious effects of GST is clearly based on a complete misunderstanding of how the ‘input tax’/’output tax’ GST system works.

Most businesses which register for GST based on the minimum threshold turnover figure of RM500,000 per year stipulated under GST regulations will be able to claim back from the Royal Customs & Excise Department (C&E) the 4% GST they are charged by their suppliers.

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Afta set to open up 15 more sub-sectors

News imagePUTRAJAYA, Feb 27 — Asean is on track to liberalise another 15 services sub-sectors in health, telecommunications and tourism under the 8th Package of the Asean Free Trade Agreement (Afta) …

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Oscar nominee: Documentary on the Myanmar 2007 street protests in “Burma VJ”

Oscar nominee:

Documentary on the Myanmar 2007 street protests

in “Burma VJ”

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US military allows Twitter, other social media

WASHINGTON, Feb 27 — The Pentagon announced yesterday it has authorised the use Twitter, Facebook and other so-called “Web 2.0” sites across the US military, saying the benefits of social media outweighed security concerns.

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OIC should change the name to OUIC (Organization of Un-Islamic Countries) as ALL its member countries and leaders are practicing hypocrite-Islam

OIC should change the name to OUIC

(Organization of Un-Islamic Countries)

as ALL its member countries and leaders are

practicing hypocrite-Islam

The definition of a hypocrite in Islam:

A hypocrite in Islam is one who saw Islam; accepted its principles; embraced it; went along with it, but when his life style and preferences were challenged, Islam had failed with him.  He knowingly wouldn’t follow Islam because it would violate a certain life style that he adopted, ego, or standard that is too important to him, even though it directly violates Islam.

In a nut shell, this is what a hypocrite is in Islam.  A hypocrite is a “Muslim”.  He is not an apostate (murtadd), nor is he a polytheist or idol worshiper (mushrik), nor is he an atheist (mulhid).  A hypocrite does declare Islam as his religion, and in some cases even prays to GOD Almighty and fasts the month of Ramadan.  Not everyone who Prays to Allah Almighty, however, is a good Muslim.   Allah Almighty said:

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Dubai cameras shine light on killers’ dark arts

LONDON, Feb 26 — Suspected Israeli assassins have inadvertently given the world an unusual master class in clandestine killing in broadcast surveillance video of them going about their murderous trade.

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All for one, one for all

All for one, one for all

Actually the above motto is just taken and sentence restructured from the famous motto of Alexandre DumasThree Musketeers and the traditional motto of Switzerland, “One for all, all for one.”

  • We all, all the people of Myanmar/Burma must aim and work for the UNITY of our beloved country.
  • We all, all the races and religious group of Myanmar/Burma must be united as ONE.
  • No one is superior, inferior, the lord or slave and no one must be exploited, ridiculed or expelled from the UNION of Myanmar/Burma.
  • We all, from the government, opposition, ceased fired armed groups or armed rebels, those in and out of the country must change our mindset to have mutual love, respect, cooperation and remove the selfish Atta.
  • Each and every one of us must change our mindset that we all are equal and no one should try annihilation on others.
  • We must accept the idea of UNITY in DIVERSITY.
  • UNITY in DIVERSITY is different to ASSIMILATION.
  • We all must agree to disagree peacefully and democratically in a civilized family spirit.

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