Dreaming an interview with DSAI or Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim Part II

Dreaming an interview with

DSAI or Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim

Part II

Beware this is just fictional, not real.

Many Malaysians affectionately referred Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim as DSAI. I have this unusual dream of getting a chance to have a face-to-face interview with DSAI. I hereby wish to apologize Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim, his family and the political party from the bottom of my heart for dragging DSAI’s name in my dreams and this article as it was never materialized or happened in the real world.

 BURMA DIGEST: Dear Datuk Sri, let’s continue with our dream interview.  

His Excellency Datuk Sri Anwar Ibrahim… OK. But be careful, don’t forget that you are welcome in your dreams only but not mine. 

Question…Datuk Seri, could you explain about the Civil Rights for Burmese/ Myanmars?

Answer… I would like to highlight some of the Civil Rights that should be allowed by SPDC on Burmese People.

  1. Burmese People should be allowed to openly question and discuss all of the official government policies including the present National Convention without fear or threat of prosecution with jail sentences.

  2. The SPDC government must allow Burmese citizens to demonstrate their will or grievances peacefully.

  3. Now they are jailed for peaceful political activities.

a. Daw Aung San Suu Kyi and NLD leaders,

b. U Khun Tun Oo and Shan leaders,

c. U Win Tin and other journalists,

d. Min Ko Naing and Student leaders,

e.  people who distribute UN Declaration of Human Rights,

f. Su Su Nwe and others who complaint of the forced labour,

g. The honorary consul general for Scandinavian countries, Mr Nichols was jailed for using unregistered FAX MACHINE and was believed to be murdered in the jail.

4. SPDC is not seen to be relaxing the restriction on all the Civic associations and political organizations.

They must be allowed to freely organize, mobilize, and advocate their views if the Myanmar Generals want to claim that they are democratic.

The above examples above shown that there is no civil right and individual freedom under SPDC Government.

Question…Could you kindly elaborate about the Good Governance free of Corruption for Burma?

Answer… SPDC need to completely reform or revamp the Political, Civil, Human Rights & Economic situations before they could claim to be walking the corridors of democracy and announcing that they are practicing good governance.

  1. Police & Military must be under the control of civilian elected politicians.

  2. SPDC government’s decision-making must be transparent and must allow the public scrutiny.

  3. The present and future elected officials in the Government and civil servants must be held accountable for their actions.

  4. The government must be responsive to the public complaints and grouses.

  5. SPDC must grant the Freedom of speech for all the citizens and all the media.

  6. Under the successive Myanmar Military Governments of BSPP, SLORC and SPDC there is NO FREEDOM AFTER SPEECH. One would be definitely arrested, charged in a Kangaroo Military subservient Court and given long term sentences in Myanmar.

  7. Freedom of association for all the citizens, organizations including the opposition parties. Various Religious & Political organizations must be permitted to form, organize and active freely.

  8. SPDC must change to a True full democracy but not the guided or disciplined democracy or the corrupted flawed nor hybrid democracies.

  9. There must be Separation of Powers between the Legislative (Parliament), Administrative (Government) and Judiciary.

  10. SPDC must allow independent free media allowing investigative journalism allowing to probe the Government officials and Government Servants. It must be Independent, competitive, non-monopolized, media, free from government censorship or editorial restrictions.

  11. Allowing to set up the independent Anti Corruption Agency.

  12. Full freedom of religious-thought, belief, expression & practice, including abolition of Government controls of religious affairs.

  13. The right of self-determination for each and every citizen, irrespective of race, religion, creed, colour, gender etc. That means we all have to agree for the Rights of all the Ethnic Minorities and all the Religious Minorities.

  14. There must be a strong and firm Non-discrimination by Governments, individuals or organizations on the basis of race, nationality, colour, religion, gender, marital status, political belief or affiliation, physical or mental disability.

  15. There must be The Rule of Law; but not the Rule by Law as practiced by successive Military Governments, Ne win’s BSPP, SLORC and SPDC. And that Law must be fair and practice justice on all the citizens without any discriminations.

  16. No one must be allowed to stay above the law or allowed to break the law. The LAW or JUSTICE must be BLIND.

  17. There must be the presumption of innocence until proven guilty;

  18. Trial by jury of peers.

  19. The right to a fair trial with appeal rights.

  20. The right to adequate & independent legal representation

  21. Not only there must be fair and justice but it must be seen that there is fairness and justice.

 22.   SPDC must set up the antitrust legislature to control the monopoly in each and every field.

 23.   People must have the power to monitor and record at the distribution of wealth and opportunity among the different groups depending on race, religion and political alignment.

   24.   People must have the power to monitor and record the Political patronage- awarding government contracts, appointments, promotions, scholarships, land distributions, permits etc.

   25.   SPDC must take care of the Rural development and the Urbanization, squatter relocation and settlements must be properly planned

  26. SPDC must take care of the Basic infra-structure facilities, water, electricity, highways, telephone, multimedia facilities must be taken care of for the benefit of all the citizens.

    27. I wish to quote Thomas Jefferson_

 “That government is best which governs the least, because its people discipline themselves.”

Aung Sans of Burma

           Aung Sans of Burma


                       Aung San            Suu Kyi


NAME General Aung San Aung San Suu Kyi
BORN Feb 13 , 1915   June 19, 1945
Respective commemorations BurmeseChildren’s day BurmeseWomen’s day
Perceived by people as Burma’s national hero Burma’s national heroine
  Gender Male. Could be tough and strong as a superman but his heart on the people is gentle like a mother. Female but her mind is tough could be compare to the IRON Ladies, Margaret Thetcher combine with Indera Gandhi. But like her father she has a kind and gentle heart. She is famous for her LOVING KINDNESS.
 Physical features Similar to his daughter in the likeness in physical and facial features Those see her, automatically recall her father because of the likeness in physical and facial features
mental strength High High
 Character Impeachable and without any blemish  Impeachable and without any blemish 
PARENTS U Pha, a lawyer and Daw Su    General Aung San and Daw Khin Kyi,
BORN Natmauk, Magwe Rangoon
POLOTICIAN Pioneer politician during British colony Pioneer politician during Military colony
POLITICAL HERATAGE Great uncle Bo Min Yaung fought the British   Great father fought the British and Japan
  EDUCATION B.A. degree in English Literature, Modern History, and Political Science from Rangoon University Graduated from Lady Shri Ram College, New Delhi in 1964. B.A. degree in Politics, Philosophy and economics from St Hugh’s College, Oxford in 1989
physical pheatures Similar to his daughter Strikingly similar to her father
   Character Honest, never betrayed the trust of others, Both of them have similar characters of courage, determination, honesty, etc.  Honest, never betrayed the trust of others,  Both of them have similar characters of courage, determination, honesty, etc. 
Oratory Skills good good
Writing Skills good good
  STUDENT LEADER Elected to the executive committee of the Rangoon University Students’ Union (RUSU). In 1938, elected president of both the Rangoon University Students Union (RUSU) and the All-Burma Students Union (ABSU) Defacto leader of ABSDF All Burma Students’ Democratic Front. (Actually she is also regarded as the supreme leader of the University Students Unions
LEAGUE AFPFL or Anti-Fascist People’s freedom League NLD or National League for Democracy
Struggle for independence For the First Independence of Burma For the Second Independence of Burma
 general secretary General Secretary of Dobama Asiayone (We Burmans Association) formed in May 1930 General Secretary of National League for Democracy founded on 27 Sept, 1988..
   Top of the political ledder In September, 1946, Aung San, the President of the AFPFL, was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Executive Council of Burma by the new British Governor Sir Hubert Rance following the return of civil government to Burma. In 1990, the military junta called a general election, which the National League for Democracy won decisively.
  Eligible to be the Prime Minister Aung San was to all intents and purposes Prime Minister, although he was still subject to a British veto. Under normal circumstances, she would have assumed the office of Prime Minister. Instead, the results were nullified, and the military refused to hand over power.
     struggle, violent or non-violent or both After the Aung San Attlee agreement in London for Burma’s independence within a year, at the stopover in Delhi at a press conference, he stated that the Burmese wanted ‘complete independence’ not dominion status and that they had ‘no inhibitions of any kind’ about ‘contemplating a violent or non-violent struggle or both’ in order to achieve this, and concluded that he hoped for the best but he was prepared for the worst. Influenced by Buddhism’s LOVING KINDNESS and Mahatma Gandhi’s  philosophy of non-violence she still refused to endorse the violent struggle for the second independence from Military rule
    POLITICAL IDEAS AND CONCEPTS A founding member and first secretary-general of the Communist Party of Burma (CPB) in August 1939. Shortly afterwards he co-founded the People’s Revolutionary Party, renamed the Socialist Party after the WW II. At first his earlier political doctrine was naturally tainted by Socialist ideas as that was the era of end of colonialism which was perceived to be associated with Capitalism. Later Aung San changed his political concept to democracy. Daw Su was seen to be surrounded by ex-Communists in NLD. But all the people of Burma believed her that she is not going to turn the wheel of the history backwards to accept Communism or Socialism. She made it clear that she is aiming to build a democratic new Burma.
 LOVE OF THE BURMESE PEOPLE Got 100% (Note traitors, dictators, murderers are not worthy to be counted as Burmese People) Got 100% (Note traitors, dictators, murderers are not worthy to be counted as Burmese People)
Although out of the sight of the people Always remembered and staying in the hearts and minds of the people Always remembered and staying in the hearts and minds of the people
hope and icon of all the burmese people During the fight against colonialism During the fight against Myanmar Military Junta
  Panglon Conference Two weeks later, on 12 Feb 1947, Aung San signed an agreement at the Panglon Conference with leaders from other national groups, expressing solidarity and support for a united Burma She is the only person who could successfully hold a SECOND Panglon Conference.
   Arrest orders In March 1940, he attended the Indian National Congress Assembly in Ramgarth, India. However, the government issued a warrant for his arrest due to Thakin attempts to organize a revolt against the British, and he had to flee Burma. He went first to China, seeking assistance, but he was intercepted by the Japanese in Amoy and was went  to Japan  to get the Military training.  She was put under the FIRST house arrest on 20 July 1989. She was offered freedom if she would leave the country, but she refused.Some of her critics are advising her to leave Burma and to head the Democratization Movement from abroad. 
  awards Sakharov Prize in 1990. NOBEL PEACE PRIZE in 1991. 
       attacked months before independence, on 19 July 1947, Aung San and six of his newly formed cabinet members including his older brother Ba Win were assassinated during a cabinet meeting. The assassination was supposedly carried out on the orders of U Saw, a rival politician; but there are romours that General Ne Win was behind the plot On May 30, 2003, Myanmar Military government-sponsored mob attacked her caravan in the northern village of Depayin, murdering and wounding many of her supporters. Aung San Suu Kyi fled the scene with the help of her driver, Ko Kyaw Soe Lin, but was arrested upon reaching Ye-U. The government imprisoned her at Insein in Yangon. After she underwent a hysterectomy in September 2003, the government again placed her under house arrest in Yangon.But all the Burmese people and the whole world believe that Sr General Than Shwe was behind the plot 
  Attackers punished U Saw and the Assassins were tried in court and had given death sentence  Leader of the attackers, General Soe Win was free together with the Assassins SWAN AH SHINS. General Soe Win was rewarded by SPDC with the Prime Ministership but GOD had punished him with LEUKAEMIA and removed from theat position.  
    High level meetings On 27 Jan 1947, Aung San and the British Prime Minister Clement Attlee signed an agreement in London guaranteeing Burma’s independence within a year – he had been responsible for its negotiation In March 2004, Tan Seri Razali Ismail, UN special envoy to Myanmar, met with Aung San Suu Kyi.On May 20, 2006 and Nov 11 2006, Mr Ibrahim Gambari, UN Undersecretary General (USG) , met with Aung San Suu Kyi, 
  Myanmar Tatmadaw’s unsuccessful attempt to erase the history of burma The military regime in the 1990s tried to eradicate signs of Aung San’s memory.Following the 8888 Uprising, the government redesigned the national currency, the Kyat, removing his picture and replacing it with scenes of Burmese life. SPDC leaders repeatedly tried to domngrade the role of Daw Suu in Myanmar.They repeatedly say that people no more support her, she was the history. All the NLD members abandoned the party etc.
 Father and daughter’s mutual relation relationship. Family honour the service and duty towards Burma His place in history as the Father of Burmese Independence and a national hero continues to the present day both due to his own legacy and due to the activities of his daughter.  Her place in history as the Leader of Burmese the Burmese Democracy movement for the second Independence and a national heroine continues to the present day both due to her own legacy and due to the indelible legacy of her father. 
Present day Myanmar Tatmadaw is – Trying to disowned its founding father.  Trying to eliminate, humiliate, disgrace the only surviving daughter of their founding father. instead of protecting and loving as a sister.
  Their role in Burmese People Both of them will be in the hearts and minds of all the people of Burma, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. All the people trust him, love him and willing to work with him. Both of them will be in the hearts and minds of all the people of Burma, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity. All the people trust her, love her and willing to work with her.
  If they became the Prime Ministers of Burma If General Aung San was not assassinated and became the first PM of the Independent Burma, we all would be in a better position now. If Daw Aung San Su Kyi is free an given the chance to lead Myanmar as the first PM of the (Second) Independent Burma, there is a very bright future for all of us.
  Prayersandhopes Kaung yar thugati lar par sae. May God bless and forgive his soul and accept in Heaven. May God let her FREE in a very near future, with good mental and physical health. Please kindly give her, strength, wisdom, ability and chance to lead Burma/Myanmar to become a prosperous, peaceful developed and progressive country.

  _Dr San Oo Aung (Acknowledgement most of the data are taken from Wikipedia Encyclopedia)  

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